The Finest Cuyuna Spare Parts in Southeastern Illinois

In October 2014, ZDE purchased the AMW Cuyuna Engine Company, which became Cuyuna Engine, LLC. This newer company provides spare parts for Cuyuna and 2si engines in the field, as well as develops other new and innovative products. ZDE currently maintains the Largest Inventory of Cuyuna Parts.

Although we supply the best Cuyuna spare parts Nationwide and worldwide, none of our parts were designed nor intended for use in ultralight or experimental aircraft applications.

Cuyuna and 2si Engine Parts Catalog

Included in this catalog is a partial listing of faster-moving Cuyuna and 2si engine parts. We have many additional parts, both new and used, that were not included. If you do not find the part you need pictured in our catalog, please contact us. It is quite likely that we will have the part in stock.


These gaskets are used in Cuyuna 215, 230, 430, UL II 02, and 2si 460 series engines. Some gaskets are also used in the 2si 460 and 690 liquid-cooled engines. We have the 430 intake insulators (399-07-012-000) in stock.

Gasket And O-rings

These gaskets and O-rings are used on liquid-cooled Cuyuna 430, 2si 460, and 690 engines.

Bearings And Seals

These bearings and seals are used in all Cuyuna and 2si engines.

Typical Hardware Items

These are typical hardware items found on all Cuyuna and 2si engines.

Parts Of Fan Pully Halves

These are upper and lower fan pulley halves, a fan shaft, a spacer, tensioning shims, a fan belt, and a late model recoil cup. They are used on all air-cooled Cuyuna and 2si engines.

Power Take Off Engine Parts

This standard fan pulls in air and pushes it toward the PTO end of the engine. A reverse fan pulls air in from the PTO side of the engine and exhausts out the fan cover.

Standard Head And Flow Through Head In An Engine

The upper cylinder head is the standard head. The lower cylinder head is used on later model 430 and all UL II 02 engines on one cylinder only. The “flo-thru” head is placed on the cylinder receiving the cool air first. On a standard engine, the “flo-thru” head would be located on the cylinder nearest the fan.

Pistons And Rings

We stock pistons for Cuyuna 340, 430, UL II 02, 215, 230, 460, and 690 engines. We also have sleeves for UL II 02, late model 215, 230, 460, and 690 engines. All pistons are offered in .5mm oversize. Piston and rings may be available for some earlier Cuyuna engine models not listed above by special order.

Ignition Components

These ignition components are common to most Cuyuna and 2si air-cooled engines. The small black coil pictured with no ignition wires is used on point ignition engines. The tan-colored coil is used on early CDI ignition engines with NIPPONDENSO ignitions. The black coil with wires is a late model CDI supplied by Kokosan.

Pictured Are Ignition and Charge Components

Pictured are ignition and charge components for the 690L-70 engine. The ignition module in the lower RH corner is for the 460F-35 engine.

Exhaust System Springs and Rubber Isolators

These are various exhaust system springs, exhaust system rubber isolators, new and old-style, and standard B8ES spark plugs used in virtually all Cuyuna and 2si engines.

Recoil Parts

These are early-style recoil parts. They are identifiable by the black plastic recoil pulley. The later recoils used steel pulleys. The engines built since the mid-eighties use white plastic recoil pulleys.

Current Style Recoil Assy

This is a current-style recoil assy. It is the starter motor used on most electric start engines and starter ring gear.

Water Pump, Water Pump Belt And Cylinder

These are a water pump, water pump belt, and cylinder head used on all 2si liquid-cooled engines.

32mm Mikuni Carburetor

This 32mm Mikuni carburetor is used on most Cuyuna engines. 2si engines used 32mm and 36mm Bing carburetors. These engines can be retrofitted to accept the superior Mikuni carburetors. Also pictured are standard jet packages and the lever choke kit.

Typical Air Filters

These are typical air filters used. The foam style is used on all air-cooled engines. The paper type is used on liquid-cooled engines. The carburetor boots are available for 28mm, 32mm, and 36mm carburetors.

Mikuni Fuel Pumps

These Mikuni fuel pumps are used on single, twin, and triple-cylinder engines. The throttle splitter is for dual carburetor installations. 

The CD contains:

  • The Original Cuyuna Service Manual and Parts Manual for the 215, 430, and UL II 02 Engines
  • The Only Viable Service Manual for the 2si Engines
  • Parts Manual for the 2si Liquid-Cooled Engines
Cuyuna Special Tools

These are Cuyuna special tools. The flywheel puller is for all Cuyuna and most 2si engines. The piston pin puller is for all engines.

2si Cog Belt Reduction Drive Parts

These are 2si cog belt reduction drive parts. We also have an upper shaft and bearings (not pictured). New and used complete units are sometimes available.

Nova/2si Gearbox Parts

We carry Nova/2si gearbox parts, such as bearings, seals, rubber isolator bushings, rubber vent valves, drive hubs, and hardware items. Complete gearboxes are available and generally used in ratios of 2.48, 2.04, 2.65, and 3.04 to one.

Call Us to Find the Parts You Need

The pictured parts are representative of our inventory but do not show all the parts we stock. Please call if you do not see the part you need.

Sell Your Old Parts

We depend upon purchases of new “old stock” and salvaged used engines for out-of-production older parts. If you have good used or new “old stock” Cuyuna or 2si spare parts or engines, please provide us a list of items, and we will make an offer to purchase.